Becoming Africa's Producer
& Exporter to the World

Africa's Advantage

Abundant sun, resources, generations of grow experience, and affordable labor position Africa as a key low production cost, high quality jurisdiction.

Strong Team

Aphrihelios’ international management team has deep experience as well as a wide international network in a range of industries and countries.

Shared Value

AphriHelios recognizes it is part of a global community and its long-term success and sustainability is inextricably tied to how it shares the value created with communities.


Bridging Continents Through Cannabis

AphriHelios’ mission is to become a global vertically integrated medical cannabis manufacturer; leveraging Africa’s unique low-cost production advantages to produce competitively priced products of consistent high quality.


The Africa

As cannabis cultivation becomes increasingly commoditized, Africa is best positioned to become the world’s leading outsource option.


The world’s largest producer and consumer of cannabis

Low cost land and labor

Vast, multi-generational horticultural skill-base


Nestled in “dagga belt” with 300 days of sun per year

30,000 km 2 of lush cultivation area and scenic mountains

Competitively priced, modern utilities with abundant water, and power



AphriHelios, formed in 2019 as CannaLeaf Pty Ltd, received its first license to cultivate, process, and export medical cannabis on October 25, 2019 from the Lesotho Ministry of Health. In July 2020, as part of its new Pan-African strategy, rebranded as AphriHelios.

The company seeks, in a phased approach, to become Africa’s largest vertically integrated cannabis operation by leveraging Africa’s comparative advantage as a low-cost producer.

Africa’s Potential

Lesotho, specifically, and Africa generally has the potential to become a significant exporter of low production cost medicinal and recreational cannabis and hemp due its ideal climate, abundant arable land, and low labor costs.

The company is currently in the process of raising its initial seed capital to fund its startup and initial harvest. Additionally, it is securing additional opportunities in South Africa, Zambia and Ghana.


A Phased Implementation Process

AphriHelios will take a phased approach to pursuing opportunities in the cannabis value chain. This will allow us to develop in a way that is flexible and responsive to a rapidly developing industry. It will also allow us to develop deep skills and experience in each phase.


A Shared
Value Approach

While AphriHelios, at its core, is focused in creating and driving economic value, the Company believes its long-term sustainability and its growth will be driven by a shared value approach to its business.

We believe that we can maximize shareholder value by making sure that our creation of economic value also adds value to society. As a principle, we want to align our success with social progress and see social issues and business opportunities.


AphriHelios is led by a Management Team and Board of local and international executives with substantial experience in international agri-business, finance, trade, start-ups in Africa and the US, and a wide network across a range of industries and countries.

Key Operational Team Members & Directors


Dynamic leader, Lesotho national with extensive experience in African international trade & development


Corporate explorer and former investment banker with over 20 years experience in leading start-ups and new initiatives in the US & Africa


Agribusiness value-chain innovator, finance and investment professional with SADC Region investment holdings and business development experience


Development professional with extensive experience leading projects, micro-enterprise development, and establishing partnerships with governments and international donors


Mosotho businesswoman with background in banking and sales and marketing


Background in Management Information Systems and IT Management


IT Specialist with passion for delivering ICT Solutions through formulating and executing agile IT Strategies and Governance Practices

Advisory Board


Chairman, Investment Committee, RH Bophelo Investment Management
Colin Clarke has many years of international law, private equity, and corporate finance experience withmultinational organizations.

Dr. Desta

Founder, D.Y.M.D.C. & Associates, Liaison to the African Union, Diaspora African Forum
Decades of experience as a cannabis activist, academic, creative consultant, and community leader in Jamaica, the USA, and Ethiopia.


Executive Director, Blueprint Group
An award-winning advertising and media guru in South Africa, he is the current Executive Chairman of Blueprint Group, a wholly black-owned advertising agency in operation for the past 18 years.


TV Personality, Cannabis Activist, Entrepreneur
Montel Williams is the host of the hit Lifetime shows Military Makeover and Operation Careers. Williams was the host and executive producer of the nationally syndicated The Montel Williams Show from 1991- 2008 and was awarded a Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Talk Show Host in 1996.


Join us on
our Journey

AphriHelios is in the midst of raising Seed capital and establishing key relationships needed to achieve it’s mission and goals.

If you are interested in joining our team and community on this journey; contact us and someone from our team will get in touch with you.

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