Becoming Africa’s Premier Vertically Integrated Cannabis Company Bringing African and African Diaspora Brands to the World

Regulation D Section 506(c) Seed Capital Investment Terms


Target Raise

2 Years


Reg D Section 506(c)


Conv. Note

Offering Type


Annual Interest Rate


Discount Rate


Valuation Cap


Minimum. Investment


Investors who purchase the first 1,000 Units of Convertible Notes will receive an additional 15% Preferred Shares at conversion in a Qualified Equity Financing.


Volume Bonus!

Based on the size of your investment, you can also get bonus shares regardless of if you are an “early bird” investor or not! Early bird investors get both bonus percentages added together (an early bird investment of $5,000 would receive a 25% bonus, 10%+15%)

$5,000+ – 10% additional Conversion Shares
$10,000+ – 12.5% additional Conversion Shares
$20,000+ – 15% additional Conversion Shares
$50,000+ – 25% additional Conversion Shares



The convergence of some key themes in the cannabis industry have created the perfect storm for a company like AphriHelios to grow and thrive.

Theme 1

Global Industry Growth

Legal cannabis market to grow to $73.4B USD by 2027. Global wellness market for CBD to access $4.5T USD

Theme 2


As industry grows and cultivation becomes more standardized cannabis will become a commodity. Growing at scale with lower production cost will become critical

Theme 3

Emerging African Industry

Wave of legalization taking place on the African continent. In the short-run, the continent has a distinct low production cost advantage. Over time it will become a massive legal consumer market.

Theme 4

Diaspora participation

Growing Diaspora participation in building cannabis brands. Massive opportunity to build brand platform to launch new brands by cultural and social influencers


Pan-African vertically integrated cannabis company

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Refer to SEC Rule 501 of Regulation D for more details on the definition of an Accredited Investor

Regulation D  Section 506(c) Private Placement

Regulation CF  Crowdfunding