African American & African-owned start-up AphriHelios, poised to become Africa’s leading vertically integrated cannabis company. Launches seed-capital round.

11-February-2021 – Cape Town, South Africa – AphriHelios Global LLC., is poised to become the leading vertically integrated cannabis cultivation, processing, and distribution company on the African continent, bringing Africa and African diaspora cannabis product brands to the global market. The company announced the launch of its US$450,000.00 seed-capital round campaign this week. AphriHelios Global has also democratized access to their cannabis-related investment for communities that have historically been marginalized by the industry.

According to co-founder and company CEO Darin Hickman, “The crowdfunding platform is very useful for this round of capital raise in particular, as it allows greater individual investment participation. There was a critical need to include the African Diaspora, and friends of Africa both to ensure social equity in the burgeoning and highly profitable global cannabis industry market. This also fits well with our inclusive distribution strategy, whereby AphriHelios will supply major urban cannabis retail markets in the US including Oakland, Detroit, Atlanta, and Newark, etc. directly from production centers in Maseru, Lesotho, and other parts of the region.” The Company will also export to Europe. Consistent with this strategy, the company has placed both Regulation D Section 506(c) accredited investor private placement, and Regulation CF crowdfunding campaign offers on Fundanna’s digital platform.

Hickman’s positioning of the company as a full-value-chain focused, Southern Africa producer, processor, and distributor, is consistent with the best current and long-term market forecasts and trends. According to a recent article in a leading investment management journal ‘Seeking Alpha’, global commodities advisor Tim Worstall projected that “The market will, as largely with tobacco, end up in the hands of those producing in Southern Africa. Yes, brands will be important, distribution and all that, but production will necessarily be where it’s cheap. Whoever tries to produce in the rich world will lose. Thus, I have no faith in any company that isn’t already trying to set this up.”

AphriHelios Global is headquartered in Bethesda, MD with active offices in Cape Town, South Africa, and Maseru, Lesotho. The team has a combined 60 years of corporate finance, agribusiness, and project management industry expertise. The company was awarded its initial license in 2019 from the Kingdom of Lesotho’s Ministry of Health to cultivate, process, package, and export cannabis-related products to global markets from the capital Maseru.

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Darin Hickman

AphriHelios Global

6701 Democracy Blvd Suite 300

Bethesda Maryland, 20817

+1 301-861-0851

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